As part of the MEDACTU-AMBOSS partnership, the AMBOSS team has provided our readers with a one-month access code (found at the end of the article) to their learning platform.


Why study with AMBOSS?


AMBOSS is a revolutionary medical education platform – with clinical content adapted to the needs of doctors and medical students. All questions are interlinked with an interactive medical library, allowing for mastery of theoretical knowledge. If you have been looking for a smart medical platform that aims to facilitate learning, train better doctors and improve medical practice around the world, then look no further.


AMBOSS in numbers:


  • More than 200,000 users from over 191 countries.
  • More than 95% of German medical students use AMBOSS as their first choice learning platform to prepare for their final board exams.
  • More than 80% of German universities provide access for all of their students to use the AMBOSS platform.
  • The top universities in the United States are using AMBOSS as their #1 resource (Johns Hopkins, Harvard, UPenn).


AMBOSS covers a wide range of medically-related topics:


Interactive libraryThe AMBOSS Medical Knowledge Library contains over 750 Learning Cards with relevant and practical clinical information. Students can access the medical library anytime and anywhere (even if there is no internet connection) with the offline mode app feature. When students access the Learning Cards, they can jump to other medically-related topics or terms using related keywords, which allows future physicians to acquire medical knowledge that will accompany them throughout their careers. The library and Qbank information is rigorously checked by a team of more than 60 physicians to ensure the material is up-to-date, clear and complete.


QbankThe Qbank contains more than 2000 clinical cases and multiple choice questions, and is fully integrated with the interactive knowledge library to instantly provide relevant information on training. AMBOSS encourages students to find the right answer independently by providing them with didactic clues; teaching them to better solve difficult questions. Students can additionally customize their study session, for example by pulling out questions related to a specific organ or symptom (e.g. Chest pain).


AMBOSS also analyzes your level of knowledge and provides individualized statistics and recommendations on where to focus to fill knowledge gaps and learn effectively.


In addition, AMBOSS is able to combine theoretical learning with practice through its multimedia library of annotated charts, anatomical illustrations, videos, library quizzes, radiology images with captions and a whole series of mini-lectures called “Chalk Talk”.


Registration and subscription:


For unlimited access to clinical content, opt for an AMBOSS Plus pack for $ 48 / month or $ 365 / year. To find out more, visit


Activation code:



How to use the code?

1- Create a free account on  

2- On the left side panel, click “Redeem Code” under “Account”

3- Paste the access code under “Activate Code”